Preschool/Childcare Photography 

Our team at krphotography specialise in preschool/childcare photography throughout Sydney. We are a team of creative, experienced photographers who understand children and love what we do. 

We also understand that photo day can put stress on you and your educators and take the children out of routine. Therefore we adapt to each child's needs and fit into your environment, keeping disruption to a minimal. 

We spend 5 minutes with each child in their own outdoor area and focus on capturing each unique personality. 

You and your staff will have peace of mind that we are well organised and have a kind, patient approach with the children and realise that each centre has different needs. We want you to look forward to photo day! 


Why Choose krphotography

We have a step by step process with clear information on how we organise the day.

You will receive a link to forward onto your families so they can register their emails directly with us. 

Once the photos have been taken we will email each family a secure, personalised album with 15-20 beautiful portraits to view/order online.

Our online ordering is no fuss, easy to use and has all the information your families will need.

Your school will receive complementary staff individuals and class photos digitally/printed.


What our Clients Say About us

"Kylie's ability to make children and adults relax and look their best, most authentic selves in her photographs is unparalelled.  I've never seen a photographer take better photos of kids.  

Mia Freedman MamaMia


"Thank you Kylie for so beautifully capturing our cousins photo. We thought it would be a challenge with three babies and a 4 year old but you made it look so easy. The photos are up on wall now and we have received nothing but compliments. Thank you! 

Jacquie Murray, Mosman


krphotography were amazing with the work they did at my son’s daycare. The photos were fantastic - so natural and relaxed yet so professional - not an easy feat I imagine with 18 month olds! It really was difficult to choose which to purchase as Kylie provided a large selection in a variety of settings and they were all so delightful. I had some email communication with Kylie and she was so responsive and lovely to deal with. I hope this will be an ongoing partnership between our daycare and Kylie!     

Aimee G 


Over the past 7 years krphotography has been shooting the children, teachers and educators at Annandale Children’s Centre. Kylie and her team have always demonstrated a high level of professionalism. At ACC, we like krphotography and we believe the photos are of high quality. Kylie makes use of the natural background. Little moments of the children gestures are captured while allowing them to portray themselves and unique personality.  Krphotography is very flexible working with the centre’s needs and family requests as well. We have only received positive feedback from families. Often mums will have tears in their eyes as they see their children’s pictures. There is no force to purchase photos. I love that I do not have to handle the money. My team is very happy with krphotography.

Director Noory Golamy - Annandale Children’s Centre


Kylie and her team have been doing the children’s portraits and class photos at my centres for 10 years now. The process is always so easy and are super organised, flexible and communicative. Most importantly, the photographers are kind, patient and have a real rapport with children - take as long as they need to get lots of beautiful portraits of every child. Our families are always giving feedback about the high quality of the photographs. Definitely the best preschool photographers I’ve worked with!                        

Olivia Liva Centre Director SDN Surry Hills


We have chosen to use krphotography for our preschool photos for the last two years. We wanted our school photos to be unique and capture real moments as a mum myself I was sick of paying for and receiving the "standard kindy photos". Kylie produces the most amazing photographs of all the children, and I know most families find it very hard to pick which photos to buy. Kylie's team is friendly, professional and makes photo days easy. I would highly recommend krphotograhy to any school, childcare centre.

 Jamaica Bridges-Director The Village Creative Education 


We are thrilled with out family photos. The team at Kylie Roberts has an incredible eye and captured our daughters at the perfect moment, which is tough with a one year old! Can't wait to have them done again each year.                       

Kristle Romero Cortes' 


I met Kylie and her team about a decade ago now and it’s been an incredible experience all the way through. Having been in the sector for a very long time, I’ve experienced the dreaded photo days every year and have to say, that it’s a breeze with krphotography. I think it comes down to experience, but also a way of working which is consistently respectful and proactive. Kylie and her team will work seamlessly with you, families and children in a way that makes your work load a lot simpler on photo day. The team have a good understanding of children, and know that each centre is different.

 What I think I really like is that Kylie and her team know me, my style and commitment to children’s rights and wellbeing. I can feel confident that things will be running smoothly even if I’m not in.

 From a customer service perspective, families have consistently been happy with their photos, and the team at krphotography take care of the management of photo payments. Families are consistently delighted with the photos received and look forward to sharing them with their extended family. I think this is because of the way that krphotography seem to be able to capture each individual child in their photos. All of this is why I wouldn’t go past krphotography. Even though their packages may be a little pricier than others, there’s a consistency in the outcome and entire experience which makes them the right fit. I’ve already got families asking about photos this year, which is a testament to how much they enjoyed last year’s pics and I too look forward to an ongoing partnership with Kylie and the team to capture the magic of each child and friendships at our centre this year.                                            

Angela Aldridge Director The Cresent Annandale


Krphotography captured beautiful photos of my 2 yo son in his childcare environment. There was a range of adorable natural photos showing off his little personality and I could tell Kylie made him feel comfortable through his different poses and activities during the photo shoot. Have ordered a package of x5 different photos which will make great presents for family. It was hard so hard to choose.                

Christina Boydell 

"Kylie was fantastic with our 4-year old and 7-year old children. She knew exactly how to make them laugh, resulting in beautiful family photos."

Darlene Clementz, Mosman


"Kylie is warm, easy going and very patient with children and creates a very comfortable environment for the photo shoots. The results speak for themselves : the photos are beautiful and capture perfectly the joy and happiness of our little girls and our family. Kylie was a delight to deal with throughout the whole process! I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone !!"  

Helen Shennan, Waverley


Kylie’s work is amazing. Our son’s preschool photos are so natural looking and the team managed to get such a beautiful smile out of him! Thank you for capturing these memories.            

Melissa Jovanoski 


Like a few others, we found Kylie after she took some beautiful preschool photos of one of our sons. Her photos of our family were even better and completely exceeded our expectations.        

Bridgette Regenne


THANK YOU so much Kylie – it was the smoothest photos at day care I have encountered!’ 

Janice, Director, Coogee Bear Preschool


‘Lovely, lovely photo of the children! This is a beautiful momento to treasure and to use to reminisce fun days in Toxteth! Thank you Kylie for this beautiful and generous gift to the children and their families. You are a gifted photographer and Toxteth is lucky to have you.’

 Jenny, Parent


‘I have recently received the proofs for my daughter at Seaforth Childcare. I had to email you and say I am so so thrilled with them! I am just delighted at the way you have captured my little girl.  Every photo I just love and trying to make a decision has been so hard!!! They are just adorable and you have managed to show her (interesting!!) personality.’            

Charlotte, Parent




Prices 2024


Families can download digital images on the spot.                   

 Class digital image   -$20.00

  x1    digital image -  $20.00

  x5   digital images -   $70.00

  x10 digital images - $120.00

  x15 digital images - $160.00  

  x20 digital images - $200.00


PRINTS                                    FRAMED PRINTS

Class photo -  $25.00                  N/A

5x7 inch -      $25.00                  5x7 inch -     $50.00

6x8 inch -      $30.00                  6x8 inch -     $60.00

8x10 inch -    $40.00                  8x10 inch -   $90.00

8x12 inch -    $45.00                  8x12 inch -   $95.00                  

11x14 inch -  $65.00                  11x14 inch - $120.00

10x15 inch -  $65.00                  10x15 inch - $120.00

12x18 inch -  $70.00                  12x18 inch - $150.00

16x20 inch -  $90.00                  16x20 inch - $160.00

20x30 inch -  $110.00                20x30 inch - $250.00



PACK A - x1 5x7 inch Print + Class Photo    $38.00

PACK B - x2 5x7 inch Prints + Class Photo   $48.00

PACK C - x3 5x7 inch Prints + Class Photo   $55.00


Contact us

Please say hello to ask any questions or send us dates for a booking.

Look forward to working with you. 

Kylie 😊